Picture book


”A girl is staring at the sea through the window of the universe. What kind of scenes can she see?” This picture book depicts the nature of Cambodia, inspired by beautiful scenery. Let’s have a look those scenes from the window of the universe.

The window of the universe








The picture book contains 18 pages. The continuation can be read with kindle, Amazon. Please check the link below.



I added a caption of the painting with my exhibition and I’d like to share it with you.



This is the painting titled ”The old woman and the pink flowers”. It’s one of the paintings of the picture book ”The window of the universe”.




‘‘The old woman and the pink flowers’’

I have seen this old woman in town many times. She pulls a big cart and picks up plastic bottles, cardboards and other stuff to sell it for money.

I felt the motivation to draw her as always. I got a strong impression of her. Sometimes, when I gave her a tip, I was surprised that she was quite cheerful and spoke with a strong voice. There is not only this old woman but also other men, women and children who do the same thing.

In the painting I replaced the trash with pink flowers. It may be a fantasy, but also a replacement that can be done in the realm of the art. It’s an image which came to my mind – or it may be a wish of mine.

We slowly get used to such a world and it becomes normal, but it is a strange world when we see it again and again. And it’s not only Cambodia. There are different conditions but similar situations all over the world.

When I was a child, I was sure that the world would progress in a much better way towards the future. But now we have that kind of future. Many things became better, but also many things have gotten worse. We probably know some of the reasons why it is like that.

Thank you.