Before the journey

Senryu temple, Komae city, Tokyo / 2000 / 728 × 515mm / Watercolor, Pencil


The mansion of kyu-furukawa garden / 2000 / 728 × 515mm / Watercolor, Pencil


Nezu temple / 2000 / 728 × 515mm / Watercolor, Pencil


The watercolor paintings above are I had painted when I was around 20 years old. These are famous and historical architectures in Tokyo. At that time I was aiming at the architecture department of the art university. One of the main entrance examination was drawing these kind of architectural drawing with watercolors, so that I had practiced it a lot.

I would like to write down the circumstances of my career of painting before I started a long journey.

I like painting since I was a child, my dream was a painter like Picasso or Van Gogh. However, not only a painter but also a baseball player and an entrepreneur etc. I entered an oil painting club at elementary school and started oil paintings. When I was a high school student, I belonged a pre-school of art Universities and began drawing plaster drawings and so on.

While I was a high school student, I became interested in music and design, eventually changed to graphic design and video course and took entrance examinations but all failed. However, when I saw a picture of a architecture of a famous architect I was shocked by the beauty of the contrast of the light and shadow and changed my course to architecture all of a sudden.

Finally I proceeded to the architecture department of the art university, but I felt that I was much familiar with art than architecture. However, as I wished and chose architecture, I tried to do the best. It was actually fun and challenging. I had almost lived in the university sleeping with a beach bed and a sleeping bag under a drafting board.

I had worked at various architecture design offices after I graduated the university. I was working until late at night as back home nearly 0 o’clock at midnight. At that time I was working at a architecture design office in the central part of Tokyo. There were one boss and other young staffs as me. Although I worked there for a while, the boss told me that he’s not going to renew my contract. But on the way back home from the company I thought that I could finally go to India!! It’s a place that I had been curious for a long time.

Then I bought a ticket and went on a journey. It was the spring of 2003. Then I went to Himalayas and stayed there for a while, after moved to Nepal. Then I had painted Thanka that is introduced in the previous page. The journey lasted one and a half years. After that I spent two years after returning to Japan, and in 2006 I went on a second long journey head for Tibet.


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