Hiroto Aoyagi


A helmet of a dinosaur and the red flowers

I sometimes go for a walk in a park where there is a red flower tree. I picked one of the buds, went home, put it in a bottle, and the next day I found a beautiful red flower in my kitchen.
Comic strips

I’m able to play around tomorrow too.

Let's make a wish upon a ster.

Art and music

Draw and erase, draw and erase. It changed its appearance from the one that first appeared.


I have drawn this illustration for about two hours on today to present for them.

Space of an illustration, meditation, Tibet

An illustration which people can spread their imagination on there. This illustration I was thinking that kind of direction. Or it seems some characters are going to appear, so it's a like background of an animation?

Tropical plants

"There is a rare palm tree in that temple, it took 100 years to grow, it finally bloomed an amazing flower, and then died. I went to see it, and a big flower like this was just blooming upwards.
Comic strips

The plastic kids pool

Hello everyone. Due to the influence of coronavirus, shops and schools are closed and entry from foreign cou...


It is the pink Ganesha who has newly descended.