I’d like to show some furniture that I have designed in Camboida.


1. The wood carving of number plate of a hotel room



This is a very small thing, but I’d like to introduce it because I thought it was a unique design of Cambodia. This is the plate with the room number affixed in front of the hotel room. If it is in other “developed” countries, I wonder that there are many inorganic printed things etc, but in this case it was using with solid wood. I made some samples and it looked like the photo above. Carpenters have made a tremendous number since then.



2. The storage shelf to display jewelry and accessories

3D image





This is a wooden storage furniture that can display small items such as jewelry and shirt buttons. In Cambodia solid wood is often used for furniture, which makes feeling more valuable but heavy. In this case I also used glass and designed a lot of omission of furniture so as not to become heavy.


3. Storage shelf



This is a simple storage shelf. Although it is used wood, the impression is different because it has painted white.


4. Wash basin




This is a storage shelf with small basin. Since it was a set with furniture of above, I made it with similar designs, colors and so on.


5. Sofa




This is a sofa located in the entrance of the ground floor of the building. It is made for visitors for this building with a flow line.