Another project I would like to introduce in Cambodia is a clinic named Ken clinic run by Japanese doctor in Phnom Penh. I usually work as a position of an architect. However, at that time a Japanese architectural design company was designing, looking for a builder company to do construction. And I participated as the construction side’s position.

All the carpenters were Cambodians, and a staff interpreted and we could proceeded the construction. There was a design from the design side, and I have to draw drawings for construction and making furniture  to ask carpenter to make them.



The curved and shining wall was the core part of this design. The craftsman is wearing a full face helmet and scattering sparks on the photo. He welded iron and made frames. They were craftsmen who had known for many years, so they had a sense of responsibility. It is an important point as it directly connects to quality of construction especially in Cambodia.






We had procured all materials for construction and run around the city of Phnom Penh. It was very hard but I worked together with a stuff she was still university student at  that time but excellent. In the process, we found a factory of Vietnamese that made furniture of good quality and we had been there many times.




For example, in the case of counters and furniture like the above, the designer submitted  a 3D image to us. Based on that, I drew drawings for production, afterwards gaining approval of the designer, carpenters were going to make it.









The schedule was quite tight, but craftsmen worked hard and it was finished within the period. A clinic needed specialized equipment and facilities, and it was a project that felt once again that everyone cooperated to make one thing.