The above picture is the exterior of the cafe in Phnom Penh which I designed. The  because it is the most refreshingly state, so the atmosphere is changing currently.



In terms of interior design, I think there is an image of superficial design. But in case of an architect does it will do most of the parts. First of all, the basic part is planning. We have to specify where is the cafe’s seats, kitchen, bathroom, counter and entrance. I had many meetings with a client and redrew plans, searched for the best solution.



At the same time, I draw almost all drawings including infrastructure, such as water circulation, air conditioning, electricity, lighting positions etc. In the elevation view of the interior, draw the switch or outlet, specify the material of the finish of the wall, and also specify the size of the window. Also, grasp the size of equipment such as refrigerator and adjust it so that it fits. Draw the position and wiring of the lighting on the ceiling drawing. We also do outdoor design and make estimation, schedule management, signboards and garden planting.














I think that to construct building in Cambodia is difficult in many cases, but both the craftsmen and clients of this project were feeling like a family, so it was easier to share the process with them.