The kids


The teacher of the international school nearby came to my exhibition before, and in this time she brought her students to the exhibition as one of their classrooms.



They have been studying about Japan recently by chance, so the kids were looking forward to visit the exhibition of a Japanese artist.



I and the teacher planned to have a drawing class with kids as we had enough time to do something.



The students are around 8 to 9 years old, and it’s good time to drawing pictures and so on. They brought their color pencils and when drawing papers were given to them from the teacher, they quickly started drawing. There wasn’t a specific theme and the students drew as their like.



I had drawn portraits of them.



I wonder there might be few art classrooms in a school in Cambodia. But children like so much drawing pictures, and it’s fresh feeling for me to touch with the creativity of the children.



I guess it’s almost for the first time for them to be drawn own portrait. The experience to be drawn by face to face is probably going to be memorized in their future. I’d like to show them how actually draw, because it’s might be the best way to teach them about sketching for the short time.



In the end chocolate muffins and drinks offered to all from Roxane, the owner of the café with the bookshop. It was good experience for me regarding of the education of the art. The exhibition is going on until the end of November.




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    • I didn’t notice the comment for a long time, sorry for that. Yes, it was a great experience to have a drawing session with kids! Thanks Kathleen!

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