Free papers


The exhibition is introduced by websites of Japanese free papers.



The one is named ” Nyonyum” which means ”Smile” in Khmer language. Nyonyum is published every 2 months and it has already issued for 15 years.



They have a shop in Phnom Penh and serve a Japanese lunch set.

The map of Nyonyum shop


The other is named ”Phnom” and it is published every month since 2013.


<カンポット在住の日本人アーティストが個展 11月2日~30日> カンポット在住の日本人アーティスト、青柳宏図(ひろと)さんが、11月2日からカンポット中心部で個展を開きます。水彩画のやさしい色合いで、カンボジアの暮らしの一コマを生き生…

プノン(Phnom)さんの投稿 2017年10月31日(火)



The feature article of this month is Japanese Film Festival 2017 in Phnom Penh.

Japanese Film Festival 2017


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